Moving to Hugo

I’ve moved from WordPress to Hugo. Just because I’ve never really made very good experience with WordPress. Yes, it is easy, but one has just to hope that all plugins will work together and keeps working together in the future. My move to Hugo was inspired by Kendra and Justin. Furthermore, the integral usage of Markdown makes it super easy to use code within a blog post. At the moment, it is not possible to comment any posts yet....

Jun 12 2021 19:20 Zurich, Switzerland · 1 min · Kay
Picture of some of the code introduced here with syntax highlighting

Deploy Azure Sql Server Vm With PoSh

This post was first published on my past employers blog here. I thank OneDigit AG for the permission to publish my article also here. Especially in this time of COVID-19 caused lockdowns, working from home is widespread. Therefore, working together on a developing VM in the cloud may be an attractive solution. In the past few months, I developed a solution to use VMs for such business cases. We also had in our minds that this VM could be a showcase for customers that prefer having their solution on their premises without Azure....

Jan 18 2021 15:24 Zurich, Switzerland · 13 min · Kay