I’ve also got a sessionize profile and am the user group leader of Data TGIF. I am also one of the founder of DATA BASH.

25.11.2023OnlineOrganizing: DATA BASH, the online live conference for DACH and the worldWelsh Azure User Group
08.08.2023EdinburghSpeaking: AI in use for the hearing impaired and deafs: new frontiers and limitsData Scottland
23.06.2023OnlineSpeaking: Deploy SQL to Azure with PS, Bicep or TerraformAzure User Group Iceland
21.06.2023OnlineSpeaking: Deploying a SQL Server VM with PoSh: Wales editionWelsh Azure User Group
17.06.2023Bonn, GermanySpeaking: A guide to move your on prem sql server DBs to AzureData Saturday Rheinland
09.05.2023OnlineHosting Data Platform Diversity, Equity, and inclusion virtual group Talk given by Randolph WestData Platform DEI
05.05.2023OnlineCo-organizer of DPWIT/DEI Mental Health and Wellness Day conferenceDPWIT/DEI Mental Health and Wellness Day
30.04.2023Seattle/PodcastInterview by Ralph Richter for his Podcast MVP VoicesSpotify
28.04.2023Seattle/YouTubeInterview by Microsofts Global AI Community Channel during MVP Summit for Humans in AIYouTube
13.04.2023Chat on YouTubeYouTube chat for Finding (Data) Friends, Episode 008YouTube
18.03.2023Newport, Wales, UKSpeaking: From stone age to data-driven tech for ears: a time travelSQLBits
28.02.2023OnlineSpeaking: Deploying SQL Server on Azure VM with PowerShellMicrosoft Data and AI South Florida User Group
13.02.2023YouTubeInterview by Christian Buckley for #MVPbuzzChatYouTube
08.02.2023OnlineSpeaking: Deploying a SQL Server VM with PoShSouthampton Data Platform and Cloud user group
10.09.2022OnlineOrganizing event & moderating.DATA BASH
14.05.2022OnlineSpeaking & Volunteering for moderation support. Talk in duet together with Deepthi Goguri: Building the bridge from azure fundamentals to deploying at scale through AutomationDataWeekender
27.04.2022OnlineSpeaking. Automated provisioning of SQL Server VMs on AzureCalgary Data User Group
29.03.2022OnlineSpeaking. Deploy a SQL Server VM on azure with PoShM365 North User Group
19.12.2021OnlineSpeaking. Automated provisioning for Power BI VMs on AzurePower BI User Group Karachi
20.11.2021OnlineCo-organizer and moderation of Power BI FestPower BI Fest 2021
10.11.2021OnlineSpeaking. Accessibility for hard of hearing & deaf people together with Craig Porteous.Pass Data Community Summit
29.09.2021OnlineKeynote & moderationFuture Driven Data Summit 2021
16.09.2021OnlineChat with conference attendeesData Platform Summit 2021
15.09.2021OnlineMember of DE & I Panel discussionData Platform Summit 2021
13.09.2021OnlineSpeaking. Automated Provisioning of SQL Server VMs on Azure.Data Platform Summit 2021
18.08.2021OnlineSpeaking. Why closed captions in your public speaking may make a differenceCloud With Chris
13.08.2021OnlineSpeaking. Automated provisioning of SQL Server VMs on AzureDativerse
15.05.2021OnlineSpeaking & Moderating. Automated provisioning of SQL Server VMs on AzureDataWeekender