t-sql tuesday

My friend, Deepthi Goguri, invited everyone to blog about two topics as a request for T-SQL Tuesday. T-SQL Tuesday is a once a month occurring event, a so-called blog party, for which someone invites others to blog about a topic. You can learn more about this on this website of tsqltuesday itself.

Deepthi, aka dbanuggets on both Mastodon and Twitter, asked two to write about two topics, I quote her directly here:

  1. Blog about your new favorite feature in SQL Server 2022 or in Azure. Why is it your favorite feature and what are your experiences and learnings from exploring this feature? If you have not explored these new features yet, No worries! Blog about the features you feel interested in exploring.
  2. New year, New Resolutions. What are your new year resolutions and how do you keep the discipline doing it day after day? Here are some examples: new hobby, plan to spend more time doing physical activity, wanted to read list of books (Please mention the names so it may also inspire others to read those books), journaling or any other resolutions you plan for this year.

So, without any further ado, I’m going to dive into those topics:

  1. With SQL Server Version 2022 (Build 16) Microsoft extended the list of its features again, as Microsoft documented it on the learn.microsoft.com-site here.

Now, I’ve got two things that I am really excited about, one smaller but very handy feature: STRING_SPLIT(). This is a very handy function that many developers have been waiting for years! With it, you finally can split strings like you can do it in PowerShell or Python, just to name two of a plethora of programming languages that have a similar function.

The second thing I am stoked about is the failover an on prem SQL Server 2022 into Azure Managed Instance! And you can do this back again! That means, potentially, you would not have the need to buy a new server first, but you just could use a Managed Instance momentarily and thus potentially cut costs! If you want to know more about it, I recommend to watch a video on which Bob Ward explains this.

  1. Now, I don’t do new year resolutions because I don’t believe in them. However, I do set goals for myself, but they do not depend on a new year, but more a time span. I’ve got some projects in my pipeline and one of them will mean that I will try to blog more again this year and I hope to be ablet to attend some conferences in person. Last but not least, I am currently planning the next edition of DATA BASH and that is as much as I can say currently.

So what’s your answer to this? If you’ve just realized that it is T-SQL Tuesday today and you haven’t written anything yet, I’ll tell you a small secret: you still can publish it until the end of month, nobody is gonna bite you. Of course, the sooner, the better, still 😉.

So long, until the next time!