Bye-bye 2021

Looking back

So the year 2021 is history. For me, it was a quite eventful year although exactly one year ago, I hoped that the pandemic situation would improve. It kind of did, true. However I hoped it’d be better than it turned out to be. Nevertheless, I hope on January 1st 2023, I’ll have a better lookback to the year 2022 regarding this.

In March 2021, I’ve submitted my thesis for CAS Machine Learning (German) at my University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich, HWZ. It got accepted, so I received that first CAS diploma of three.

After I’ve decided to volunteer to moderate some sessions for the both DataWeekenders in 2020, I wanted more. Originally, I planned to start to speak in 2022 after I’ve finished my studies at University for Applied Sciences HWZ in Zurich where I am pursuing a MAS in Business Intelligence (planning to finish in December 2022). But I got hooked, badly. So I was looking around what it takes to be speaking and also looked for a mentor who I found in Sander Stad. Thank you a lot again, Sander, for your tips and encouragements you gave to me! One of my highlights was truly my speaking debut on DataWeekender where I also volunteered to be a moderator again. I really am looking forward to be moderating and hopefully speaking on this event again! Since, I got the opportunity to speak on some other conferences and user groups so that actually became a new hobby of mine. Instead of listing all opportunities to speak here, you’ll find on this site.

In June, I’ve created the Azure Data Community User Group, Data TGIF. This User Group has an event every month where someone is presenting a session for 30 mins. After the session, the attendees and the speakers have the opportunity to talk to each other and just to do some networking. I’m always excited when we have attendees to meet and talk each others - from around the world. This small event really makes the “SQL Family” closer to a “world village community” and closes a gap many of us feel due to the pandemic.

In November, I’ve submitted my thesis for CAS Customer Intelligence (German) at my university, received my second CAS diploma in December and shortly after the submission in November, I was given another big opportunity: actually co-organize a whole 24-hours long conference, the Power BI Fest 2021. It was quite a lot of work and I had fun while working on it.


If you know me, then you probably know that I’m always having some new projects up my sleeve. I’ll tell about one or another soon! I am also working on some new sessions I hope to be select to talk about in this year.

For March 2022, I am looking forward to submit my last CAS thesis in CAS Applied Data Analytics (German) on which I’m currently working on.

In December 2022, I’m hoping to finish my studies at my University.


I just want thank all people from the SQL Community here who I’ve met, befriended, had nice conversations or just gave encouragements to me in the last year. Thank you all for your support and I really hope to see you all not just online, but also in person someday! I am optimistic that I will meet some other, new awesome people of the SQL Family and am looking forward to do so!