This post was first published on my employers website/blog here.

I just started to organize a free to join MeetUp called Data TGIF that will be scheduled once a month on a Friday afternoon. This MeetUp organizes free data events for Friday afternoons to celebrate the start of the weekend by meeting people to a Microsoft Data Platform talk. If you don’t know the term TGIF: According to Wikipedia, TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday and is a common expression in English speaking Western countries. It expresses gratification that the working week is nearly over, and a weekend of leisure will soon be here.

The goal of this group is to spread knowledge in Microsoft Data Platform and to give opportunities for national and international networking to the Swiss community. Primarily, this MeetUp will be held online so that everyone can participate from their own place. As soon as the pandemic situation will improve, we will probably start to organize in-person meetings. Meetings are held in English so that we may cover all Swiss language regions.

The speaker usually will have 30 mins for their presentation and there will be 30-45 mins for networking afterwards although there may be exceptions to this rule. If we host an in-person event, it may have a different format than this.

The first speaker will be Andy Cutler who is an Azure Data Platform professional working predominantly with Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL Pools), Data Factory, SQL Server and Power BI. He holds an MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Mining.

Andy will be speaking about Creating a Logical Data Warehouse using Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools.

We are looking forward to this event and would be happy to see you there! Please come and sign up for Andys session for free!