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T SQL Invite December 2023

T-SQL Tuesday No. 169 – December 2023 I’ve got the honor to invite you to the blog party SQLTuesday, tagged as #tsql2sday, for this December 2023. Many thanks to Steve Jones (blog, twitter) for letting me host this month’s blog party! December is the last month of a year. I believe December is the season of being thankful, or at least looking back. I also believe that we generally do not say “thank you” enough to people....

Dec 03 2023 19:01 Zurich, Switzerland · 1 min · Kay
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Fabrics OneDrive

OneLake Sorry, my title indeed said “OneDrive” and that is actually by intention. It is really easy to mix them up, just look at this screenshot I did on my Laptop. It shows the file explorer and it very much looks the same. . OneLakes logo is also shown in the taskbar in the bottom right corner next to the clock in Windows, just like OneDrive. At this point, I want to mention it, since I’ve fogotten to mention it in the last post....

Aug 21 2023 08:42 Zurich, Switzerland · 2 min · Kay

Getting into Fabric

Finally, I’ve found time to dig deeper into Microsoft Fabric So finally I’ve found time to dig deeper into Microsoft Fabric, the newcomer in Microsofts data platform family. I’ve played a bit with it and I thought I should blog about some distinct differences in between Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL Server. In the beginning, I have to admit, that MS Fabric quite confused me in terms of what it could mean for Azure Synapse....

Aug 14 2023 21:42 Zurich, Switzerland · 3 min · Kay
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T-SQL Tuesday #159

My friend, Deepthi Goguri, invited everyone to blog about two topics as a request for T-SQL Tuesday. T-SQL Tuesday is a once a month occurring event, a so-called blog party, for which someone invites others to blog about a topic. You can learn more about this on this website of tsqltuesday itself. Deepthi, aka dbanuggets on both Mastodon and Twitter, asked two to write about two topics, I quote her directly here:...

Feb 14 2023 11:45 Zurich, Switzerland · 3 min · Kay
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Good Bye, 2022 and Happy New Year, 2023!

Another year passed, again in an incredible speed and there is a lot I actually did but never blogged here. In fact, in the last months, I’ve neglected my blog a bit, for many reasons. One reason was that I had some sicknesses during the year and as I don’t like to make them public, only few people of the #sqlfamily actually learned one or more of them. However, I don’t want to look back on those lows, but rather on my happy experiences I’ve had and just to sum them up for a looking back....

Jan 01 2023 19:05 Zurich, Switzerland · 5 min · Kay