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My journey to my first speaking

To give a speaking in public for the first time is always scary. At the DataWeekender in October last year, Angela Henry who was moderating some sessions together with me, mentioned that there is a website where you can look for mentors and recommended it to me if I would want to pick up speaking. The website is and was created by Alex Yates, so I’ve later learned. At the end of March this year, I’ve decided that I want to start to speak this year....

May 19 2021 00:00 Zurich, Switzerland · 3 min · Kay
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I am speaking at DataWeekender

Yes, it looks a bit funny: on this blog, the last post was about my supporting as a Moderator of DataWeekender in last October. Ever since, I’ve set up this blog and got much more active on my Twitter account. And this does not mean that I’m leaving my account, but just that I now have additionally a blog that I have more control about. This May 15, I will be debuting for speaking at conferences....

Apr 28 2021 00:00 Zurich, Switzerland · 1 min · Kay

I'm moderating at DataWeekender conference

The Dataweekender conference is coming up again this Saturday Oct 17! After the very successful first Dataweekender conference on May 2nd 2020 with more than 1000 sign-ups and with an excellent speaker lineup, the 6 founders of Dataweekender decided to setup another one this year. Just like the first time, I will be moderating again this October 17. The conference will be held from 9:00 - 19:00 Central European Summer Time....

Oct 20 2020 00:00 Zurich, Switzerland · 1 min · Kay
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Introduction Into Window Functions on SQL Server

Why window functions may come in handy Let us dive directly into a real world example. You’ve got a table with salaries of different job functions and you are asked to find out what the n-tiles (quantiles, mean etc.) are of each function within a company. So this means you’ve got many people that hold a position which you want to compare with others. You want to compare salaries of marketing professionals to their peers, but you don’t want to compare said salaries to marketing directors because they have their own salary bands....

Mar 07 2020 20:17 Zurich, Switzerland · 4 min · Kay

Hello World

This is my first post, testing syntax highlighting here: write-output "Hello World" SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE A = B print("Hello World!")

Mar 06 2020 19:25 Zurich, Switzerland · 1 min · Kay